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Make you happy with Apps

grateek is a company Planning of mobile services, development, operations

WORKS products

Mappy showdown! Neonyamuko Orchestra


Tensile mappy Daisakusen

(Yahoo! game HTML5)

Super Chelmsford!! Looking for anyway bright Yasumura

Coropan - mystery solved puzzles

Pico Chat

Round and round Colo Colo Chiki Chiki Peppers

Japan Games

(WeChat game HTML5)

Company name : grateek Inc.

Address : 2-41-17, Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0013, Japan

CEO : Reona "SHOGUN" Takahashi

Product : Planning of mobile services, development, operations.

About A grateek inc.


Please feel free to contact about Collaboration, Media, Licensing, Consultation

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